the way it is October 8, 2009 ~ October 9th

We might have snow, or at least slush next week
according to the weather intelligentsia,
it is already tomorrow in Australia,
a tsunami passed by friends and strangers
in Hawaii yesterday
and today
almost 16000 children have already died
from hunger or hunger-related sickness,
the walls are still 30 feet high through what
is Palestine, the land of bulldozed olive trees
where hope is a flower growing in the squalor.
Last week,
the UN unanimously adopted resolution No. 1888 to
“End sexual violence against women and
children in conflict situations.”

It is raining and the sun has gone down;
someone will tell me it’s all God’s will.

October 9th

How slowly the light of awareness
until Christed memory

Buddha smiles in recognition.

The days of October fall short,
only the symphony of colour
will leave bare trees.

We all feed from the same roots.


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Martin Luther King Day ~ January 18, 2010

Oh, Lord,
God of my Being,
my feet are so tired.
I’ve walked tirelessly
in every
stood in every shadow,
crushed the violet
with my soles,

how long,
Oh Lord
must I march
without words,
so many prayers
for peace unanswered,
my heart a lonely
hunter, my hunger
a constant craving,
my life an always death
for want of freedom’s taste,
a yearning:
ghee and sweet milk

human kindness
like manna from heaven
to end all the
madness and

the human jungle
of fear hides in the dark
long night–
is a swirling sand
where hotels sail away,
concrete skyscrapers
meet Paradise
and the green of every living thing,
is the smallest candle of hope
that springs
in the Light of You

if only the bayonet
could grow daisies
while You and I
snowflakes into the silent
that carried through
every nation’s flag
pressed against the mouth
that bled into
The Promised Land,
that clasped
every hand
to form a welcoming heart.

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