Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot

it's a turkey shoot out there,
the sky is falling, bullets hailing everywhere
there is no safe place left on earth,
no sanctuary for the innocent
streets of anger are spilling blood and the earth is
a vampire,
we've forgotten how to be light of heart
and I wonder if language is the fruit of all
evil, Jacob's ladder is burning through the

money flies
like dreams out the second door
of persuasion
as if everything is taken for granted
when the boat to China slows to a sudden stop,
lies our parents told us
Santa Claus is snowbound
or moribund
and the Easter Bunny is a recluse now,
there is no merciful God to pray to,
there is no end, no Ramana eyes
to see through the disguise
into the heart of what matters,
dark and significant
we are hunters still,
gathering up the wind,

vultures circle like bankers
taking government handouts
to the higher road of selfish gain
and the economy bails,
we're looking for a golden boy,
a Maitreya, a Buddha, a Jesus
to make his way back
and light the candles in our teeth,

In Hungarian,
Barack means peach,
I wonder if summer bears fruit
I wonder if America remembers
how to grow.



in a moment of utter silence
all 'round me like silver moon-drops
suspended in mid-air
flowing river
broken shells
drops of blood

now falling as rain



in the background

in the background
Pavarotti sings
with friends
for the Children of Bosnia,
if it takes a village to raise a child,
when will the people of the earth
for the heart of children
can only blossom
in the song their elders sing,
with the harmony
only freedom can bring.




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