Maybe We Should

Maybe We Should

Maybe We Should –
Have ourselves an “adjustment”
And let the fat cats feel the pain
To bring our economy in line
And not let, this happen again.

Maybe We Should -
Get rid of the Federal Reserve
Which is illegal, anyway
President Kennedy gave a decree (I)
And said, they should go away.

Maybe We Should –
Make sure all the people know
We all pay interest on our money
Which is printed/owned by the banks (II)
For them, a bottomless, jar of honey.

Maybe We Should -
End the unlawful income tax
And charge a flat tax on all spent (III)
Except for food and such things
And house payments, and rent.

Maybe We Should -
Vote every incumbent out
Forget our political persuasion
Vote in new folks who really care
About the future, of our Nation.

Maybe We Should –
Get rid of the electoral vote
And the flawed voting machines
Make everybody’s vote count
So, they can’t win, by any, means.

Maybe We Should -
End foreign aid to unfriendly nations
Spend that money, here at home
Quit bankrolling those foreigners
And start, to take care of our own.

Maybe We Should -
Stop all subsidies for companies (IV) (V)
And tax breaks for all the wealthy
Spend that money, on other programs
That teach kids, and keep us safe and healthy.

Maybe We Should -
Make companies who go bust
And those invested in that kind
Suffer the consequence of their acts
Along with CEOs who rob them blind.(VI)

Maybe We Should -
Quit turning a blind eye to those
Who commit, white-collar crime
Make them pay back the piper
And make them all, do the time.

Maybe We Should -
End our dependence on oil
And go for the alternatives
Like wind power and solar
With no charge, for what it gives.

Maybe We Should -
Get out of groups like the WTO (VII)
Where we buy more than we can sell
When we complain about poisoned stuff
And they just tell us, “Go to hell!”

Maybe We Should -
Have someone that we can trust
To find products, which make us ill
Not, protecting those who sell them
Who don’t care, who they may kill.

Maybe We Should -
Make it against our Nation’s law
To send our jobs, overseas
And, when we make a phone call
That, “Press one, for English, please.”

Maybe We Should –
Let no one be, above the Law
From our President, on down
As long as we let them get away
True Justice, never will be found.

Maybe We Should –
Fire those inept, prosecutors
Who put our Border Guards in prison
We can thank, those like Johnny Sutton
For how, border violence has risen.

Maybe We Should -
Realize, we do have a problem
With our World’s global warning
The worsening of our storms
Is, Mother Nature’s warning.

Maybe We Should -
Quit trying to change the World
And, forcing our Democracy
In places it will never work
First, make it work for you and me.

Maybe We Should -
End the spying on our people
It’s against our Constitution
And loss of habeas corpus
Is surely wrong, and no solution.

Maybe We Should -
Bring our Troops back home
And, have them guard our border
Stop all illegals coming in
And enforce our Law and Order.

Maybe We Should -
Stop going to War on a whim
For propaganda, lies, and fear (VIII )
For, every time we do it
Our apocalypse, draws nearer.

Maybe We Should -
Learn about the New World Order (IX)
(Some say, there is nothing to fear)
When, the rich will have all the power
Though maybe, that time’s already here!

Maybe We Should –
Quit buying things that we don’t need
And try to live within our means
Even when those crooked lenders say
“We’re the answer to your dreams!”

Maybe We Should -
Get our own house in order
And try, to take care of our own
Then, we might again be thought of
The greatest, this World has known.

Del “Abe” Jones

Please educate yourself and read references >











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We should get rid of the Federal Reserve

Most Definitely!

We do not need the Government Controlling Us!


Abe wrote:
Please educate yourself and read references

i*could not agree*more...

We Should, educate ourselves... as Maybe that was the meaning "Of The*People, By The*People & For The*People"...


L.esson, O.pportunity, V.ariety, E.ducation

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