A Fixer Upper

A Fixer Upper

It's on a beautiful piece of land
With a vast and spacious sky
Waves of amber grain on its plains
Mounts, purple where the eagles fly.

Once, the richest and the greatest
Known as, "The Land of the Free"
With opportunities for everyone
From, shining sea to shining sea.

It was built from the ground up
Each stone placed with loving care
Planned by architects of Freedom
So, all worked and got their share.

It was furnished with great wisdom
Truth, strength, and integrity
Painted with the blood of Patriots
All throughout, it's brief history.

Some people chose to remodel it
Using lies, deceit, and greed
They built their ivory towers
Far above, what the people need.

Some others tried to peddle it
They stripped it down to the bare walls
Sold off all its parts to foreigners
And all, ignored the distress calls.

Now, it has gone into default
The debt collectors, want, their due
They might take it all, plus our souls
Before the greediness, is through.

Its foundation still stands firm
But, rotting at the top, and all around
And the common man must shore it up
Before, it all comes tumbling down.

It needs responsible caretakers
To restore its onetime, former glory
For, if someone doesn't fix it up
The demo ball will end its story.

Del "Abe" Jones

"Mankind?s greatest accomplishment is not the revolution of technology it is the evolution of creativity " copyright Del "Abe" Jones 1984

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