Ed McMahon

Heeeeere’s Johnny
Ed McMahon 1923 - 2009

His first gig when he was fifteen
He did a bingo game in Maine
But, as sidekick to Johnny Carson
Are the great memories, which remain.

He was a Marine fighter pilot
And fought in World War Two
And when Korea came along
He served us, in that war, too.

He was first hired on by Johnny
To do, “Do You Trust Your Wife”
Both, moved on to, “The Tonight Show”
And that, really, defined his life.

He and Johnny were a team
That kept many up, late at night
To see what they would do next
And, they always did it right.

He was an actor and producer
In far too many shows to mention
He was a star in his own right
And he always drew attention.

We have lost another great one
He surely was, one of a kind
One of those fine human beings
Who will live on, in heart and mind.

Del “Abe” Jones

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