Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke
Paul Leonard Newman
January 26 1925; September 26 2008

He was a quiet, private, Man
But, a giant, amongst the stars
A philanthropist to millions
And owned and drove racecars.

He was a producer and director
And an actor, beyond, compare
He won almost every award
A great talent, one, so rare.

His great films will last forever
For, new generations to see
And he will always be with us
In the pages, of our history.

He always said, he was just lucky
But, it was us, who were blessed
For, while he was in this World
He passed almost every, Earthly test.

The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp
Serving, those Children who are ill
Where they could have fun, just be a Kid
One of those dreams, he did fulfill.

He was a family man, first of all
Married to Joanne fifty years
And he has left, each one of us
Filled, with memories, grief, and tears.

Survived by Joanne and five Daughters
His Son, Scott, he’s gone to see
He’s broken the bounds of this Earth
And from his suffering, set free.

He’s gone, to a much better place
And, I’ll bet he’s looking down
With sparkling eyes, and famous grin
And saying, “I’ll always be around!”

Rest in Peace, Paul.

Del “Abe” Jones

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