April Fools Day

April Fool's Day

Although the origin is uncertain
It's thought, in Fifteen eighty-two
In France, a reformed calendar
Changed, when the year was new.

It used to start on April First
When it was, the old Julian
But, it was changed to January
With the new Gregorian.

Back in those days of yore
The news travelled so slow
For some, it would be years
Before, they would even know.

Some people didn't like it
And to change it, they'd refuse
They liked that old calendar
So, that's the one they'd use.

All the rest of the people
Used them for the butt of jokes
And it became a pastime
To, play pranks on those folks.

They called them "April fish"
For, a young fish is easily caught
And sometimes a paper fish
Stuck on their back and they knew not.

April First became the day
To play those jokes and pranks
And it spread around the World
For this, we owe the French, our thanks.

In Scotland, known as "Taily Day"
It brought the first,"Kick Me" sign
With butts of jokes known as "Gowks"
That brought, the "Cuckoo Bird" to mind.

In England, no pranks, after Noon
That was thought to be unlucky
Played on someone called a "Noodle"
Or on a "Gob" or "Gobby".

In Rome, on March Twenty-fifth
It's known as "Roman Laughing Day"
But, to most all of the World
It's just known as, "April Fools Day".

At the expense of one another
It's just a time to have some fun
And to celebrate the springtime
Here on this day of, April One.

Del "Abe" Jones
April 1, 2009

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