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Heeeeere’s Johnny
Ed McMahon 1923 - 2009

His first gig when he was fifteen
He did a bingo game in Maine
But, as sidekick to Johnny Carson
Are the great memories, which remain.

He was a Marine fighter pilot
And fought in World War Two
And when Korea came along
He served us, in that war, too.

He was first hired on by Johnny
To do, “Do You Trust Your Wife” read more »

A Different Memorial Day

Almost forty-three hundred killed
Since we invaded in two thousand three
Thirty two thousand plus, wounded
But maybe, with an end in sight, to see.

There's so many hurting families
Whose lives have changed forever more
Sons and Daughters who lost Parents
To the cruel, ravages of war.

Since our Country was founded
One and one quarter million lost read more »

("Terror" is put to music. Ask and I will email you a copy)

Terror In The Heartland

It's come to the heartland
The terror and the dread
In one explosive moment
Our innocence has fled
Oh yes, it has come home!

There isno understanding
There's only disbelief
Was it our own countrymen
Who brought down all this grief?
Oh yes, it has come home!

Our voices cry for justice read more »

April Fool's Day

Although the origin is uncertain
It's thought, in Fifteen eighty-two
In France, a reformed calendar
Changed, when the year was new.

It used to start on April First
When it was, the old Julian
But, it was changed to January
With the new Gregorian.

Back in those days of yore
The news travelled so slow
For some, it would be years
Before, they would even know. read more »

Where Allegiance Lies

I hear some people talking politics
And, can’t believe some things I hear
They’re so blinded by allegiances
They won't seek out, the truth, they fear.

They won’t try to see past the lies
Won’t believe, (although they know)
The path of their favored Party
Is not where, they really want to go.

But, rather than do the right thing read more »

A Fixer Upper

It's on a beautiful piece of land
With a vast and spacious sky
Waves of amber grain on its plains
Mounts, purple where the eagles fly.

Once, the richest and the greatest
Known as, "The Land of the Free"
With opportunities for everyone
From, shining sea to shining sea.

It was built from the ground up
Each stone placed with loving care read more »

Cool Hand Luke
Paul Leonard Newman
January 26 1925; September 26 2008

He was a quiet, private, Man
But, a giant, amongst the stars
A philanthropist to millions
And owned and drove racecars.

He was a producer and director
And an actor, beyond, compare
He won almost every award
A great talent, one, so rare.

His great films will last forever
For, new generations to see read more »

Maybe We Should

Maybe We Should –
Have ourselves an “adjustment”
And let the fat cats feel the pain
To bring our economy in line
And not let, this happen again.

Maybe We Should -
Get rid of the Federal Reserve
Which is illegal, anyway
President Kennedy gave a decree (I)
And said, they should go away.

Maybe We Should –
Make sure all the people know read more »

Our Constitution's Birthday
(September 17, 2008)

In the year, Seventeen eighty-seven
Those thirty-nine, changed our History
They signed that piece of parchment
Said, we were, the Land of the Free.

In more than two hundred twenty years
It has gone through a few changes
That's not, an easy thing to get done
For, all of our lives, it rearranges.

The First through Tenth Amendments read more »

POW/MIA Remembrance Day
(Third Friday of September)

Thousands are still missing
From those Wars of the past
Slowly, some are coming home
To grieving Families, at last.

Some found in unmarked graves
On foreign lands across the sea
With the science of DNA
To reveal, their true identity.

JPAC was formed to find them
Around fourteen hundred, to date read more »

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