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The controversial arrest of black Harvard University Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his own house in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Sgt. James Crowley, a white police officer who is an academy expert on racial profiling, sparked a national debate that is likely to put President Barack Obama on the spotlight. read more »

Growing*Up is for wannabes, Growing*Old is for underachievers, Growing*Wise is for the courageous, Growing*Humble is highly recommended and commendable ;)

Bruce Larson*Moore

"I do not want peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace."

— Helen Keller

Helen Keller Quotes...

Alice Walker, author of "Color Purple", visited Gaza in March, 2009,
with Code Pink, to join with Gazan women on International Women's Day.
The Code Pink group came to Gaza just one day after our US Gaza
Delegation (USGD) entered Gaza on March 6 (USGD: four Greater
Clevelanders, two Chicagoans, a social worker and a doctor from read more »

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…and happy fifth anniversary of the conception of, the online community where we are “building a culture of peace” and celebrating our interdependence. This website was created to challenge people to think beyond the intricate dance of war and anti-war. We must not be silent, but we must choose our words carefully. read more »

The Peace Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of DoPeace, our online community of, by and for volunteers with The Peace Alliance, Student Peace Alliance and the Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace. At DoPeace, we come together to celebrate, support and foster effective and FUN citizen-based peace activism. read more »


The dark cancerous spot, lodged within the underbelly of success, oozing vile tendrils upon unsuspecting wretch,

Throbbing to a different miscreant beat, lacking charity, compassion or even a semblance of regret,
read more »

The recent horrific killing of Stephen Brown at the Holocaust Museum and Dr. Tiller at his church sent me reeling. I felt deep despair, and thought, how can someone do this to another human being, with no sense of compassion or respect, just cold-blooded murder. Where does such apparent hatred for another human being come from? What drives it and feeds it, what forces us to act on it? read more »

Dmitri Medvedev and Barack Obama, presidents of Russia and the United States, will discuss, during the official visit of the American president to Moscow from 6th to 8th July, measurements to achieve a mutual compromise on nuclear arms reduction, of no proliferation, and the possibility of working together in an antimissile defense. read more »

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