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Born unto upright grace, each given individual faith, trusted to apply life’s gifts, with merit, upon every decision presented, between each breath one takes,
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We might have snow, or at least slush next week
according to the weather intelligentsia,
it is already tomorrow in Australia,
a tsunami passed by friends and strangers
in Hawaii yesterday
and today
almost 16000 children have already died
from hunger or hunger-related sickness,
the walls are still 30 feet high through what
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15 Reasons To Get Out Of Vietghanistan
David Swanson
October 07, 2009

1. The planning of 9-11 was done in hotels and apartments in Germany and Spain, and flight schools in the United States. Even Paul Pillar, former CIA deputy chief for counter-terrorism will tell you that an al Qaeda base in Afghanistan would not significantly increase threats to the United States. read more »


15 reasons to get out of Vietghanistan
David Swanson
October 07, 2009 read more »

I'm a doctor, mainly retired, who has just had my new book published, "The Peace Prescription; Five Key Steps We Can Take to Prevent Wars". It is based on my experience helping people for years with behavioral issues causing illness, and on my having learned that advocating or initiating violence is the most serious and dangerous of all human behavioral disorders. read more »


The hand of man has laid heavy century after century,
upon earths natural harmony,
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This is the Age 4 Armed Revolution,

Citizens armed with knowledge,

Politicians armed with courage,

Governments armed with trust,

Corporations armed with humanity,

Groups armed with cooperation,

Environment armed with fitness,

Community armed with civility,
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if all you accomplish today
is to
thank God
today is worth living

peacemiracle to you and yours
brenda triana

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