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Stretching sea to sea, embracing the full, luminous spectrum of humanity,

Grounded end to end through family, community and friends,

Arching high above, this perfect graceful bend, begs mankind to heal, reconcile and mend,

Lighted, natural pathway to the stars, energetic guiding thread sets it’s divine halo overhead,
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As we transition into a new year, I invite you to reflect back on 2009, specifically to times where you have made a
difference. I'm hoping you are acknowledging your contribution, no matter how big or small. With each act, together,
we all add to creating a consciousness of peace and nonviolence. read more »


Welcome my friend to the lobby that never mends,

Credit and debt, corporate agendas always met,

Consumer, taxpayer and citizens pay our bills, while the environment suffers the road kill,

Airways, waterways, public health, trash it all to build our wealth,
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Life barely trickled down to earn it’s daily bread, each hungry mouth paid less every day than the cost of a single loaf, hardly enough to keep a scrappy, tin roof overhead,

Dark hollow shadows, bodies drawn out as stick figures, laboring on a good day just to survive,
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Over and over The*People cry for peace, healing and justice to prevail,

Again and again the empires of greed, prejudice, and control ply their halfway measures of building an unstable facade of hope and caring,
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"Greater love has no one than this, that s’he lay down he’r life for friends" read more »

Miep Gies dies at 100
I am so emotional just thinking of wanting to write about it
I didn’t know Miep Gies but her example gives me hope
It was her nonviolence and that of those doing similar acts that defeated Hitler

President Obama please take note
World citizens please take note
Realize that it is important to learn how to defeat Hitler with nonviolence read more »

God is Love, God is eternal, Always has been, is now,
And always will be.
I agree to disagree No violence. Has to start with me,
Has to start with you, This moment,
I don't agree, I agree to disagree, No violence, Has to start with me, Has to start with you, This moment Show our leaders what we want By beingleaders. Ask them to join us. One moment helps. read more »


One more cry from the fallen warrior,
One more cry for mother, from her soldier,

One more cry from the battle lines,
One more cry from hidden mines,

One more cry standing shoulder to shoulder,
One more cry for the war to be over,

One more cry of revenge,
One more cry divides again,
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Response to Star-Telegram article on "Anti-War" activists:
Anti-war activists losing patience with Obama | Top Stories | read more »

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